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July 28 2017

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June 19 2017

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May 18 2017

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Fuck him. If he can make such a sweet girl like you cry. Fuck him.
— 4am (via 4am-reflections)
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Female Awesome Meme (3/15) Supporting Female Characters: Diana Meade. “I know not everything can be perfect. But I have to believe that it can be.”
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February 06 2017

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veronica lodge in chapter one: the river’s edge

January 15 2017



it’s safe to say smackle and farkle have been together for about a year or so now and they haven’t said i love you yet. farkle says “i might even like you more than like you. but right now that’s just a hypothesis” hypothesis is science. farkle is still using science to determine his feelings when it comes to his relationship with his girlfriend. he’s also avoided saying that he loves her yet he’s had no hesitation or problem saying it to riley and he might be confused about his feelings about riley because well as he’s said, he is a man of science and he needs proof and an explanation for everything but can’t find an explanation of science for his feelings for riley. smackle on the other hand, she and farkle are the same. smartest people around, people of science. it seems obvious they’d be together because science has an explanation for them. but let’s not forget who said science can’t explain feelings

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January 06 2017

Now is the time to speak up!!!


Hello fellow Girl Meets World fans. If you’re sadden by Girl Meets World getting canceled as much as me, then it is time to speak up. I believe that is important that we have to continue speaking up even when the going gets tough. That means that even when its weeks from now and it all looks bleak, we still have to speak up for Girl Meets World. We have to fight for what we want. That’s why I’m creating a new blog on Tumblr (and possible a Facebook page if someone is willing to help me manage it). On this blog I’ll be posting everything you may need to know to help save Girl Meets World. Campaigns, petitions, and calls for actions will be posted on this blog. Please support this blog by following for future updates so that we can always continue to support Girl Meets World.

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